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  • C.W.A.C.O.T.
    Updated Feb 17,2010, Downloaded 2389 times
    Cloudy with a Chance of Turbulence design file. Nosecone is made from Cloudy with a chance of meatballs BK kids meal toy, which is in the shape of an ice cream cone. (Rocksim Version: 9)
  • Chickenhawk
    Updated Apr 26,2009, Downloaded 1280 times
    Scatch built design for EMRR 2009 Design this Spaceship Contest. (Rocksim Version: 9)
  • Crazytrain
    Updated Apr 26,2009, Downloaded 1162 times
    Scratch built design for EMRR 2006 Design this Spaceship Contest. Utilizes 4x 18mm cluster in outboard pods. (Rocksim Version: 8)
  • Estes Patriot 24mm
    Updated Apr 26,2009, Downloaded 1255 times
    Modified Estes Patriot for 24mm motor. (Rocksim Version: 8)
  • Hellfire 1-6
    Updated Apr 26,2009, Downloaded 1358 times
    1.6" diameter Hellfire based on measured specs. 24mm motor mount. (Rocksim Version: 8)
  • Hellfire 24mm diameter
    Updated Apr 26,2009, Downloaded 1375 times
    24mm Hellfire, scratch design loosely designed from TLP Hellfire and images of real hellfire missiles. 18mm motor mount. (Rocksim Version: 8)
  • Hellfire Fullscale1028
    Updated Apr 26,2009, Downloaded 1337 times
    Full Scale design of Hellfire missile, based on actual measurements. (Rocksim Version: 8)
  • Hellfire, TLP
    Updated Apr 26,2009, Downloaded 1166 times
    Modified version of The-Launch-Pad Hellfire rocksim found online. Corrected error in forward fin location. (Rocksim Version: 8)
  • Hellion
    Updated May 07,2009, Downloaded 1225 times
    Goonie-like Hellfire design. 1.6" diameter, 4 x 13mm cluster. (Rocksim Version: 9)
  • Iris-29
    Updated May 28,2009, Downloaded 1245 times
    2 stage 1/4 scale Iris with cam booster, 29mm motor mounts. (Rocksim Version: 9)
  • Littlejohn
    Updated Apr 26,2009, Downloaded 1175 times
    13mm diameter version of Little John rocket, based on data from Peter Alway's Scale Bash. (Rocksim Version: 8)
  • Nike Hercules - MicroMaxx
    Updated Feb 27,2012, Downloaded 1001 times
    MicroMaxx powered Nike Hercules, sustainer only. (Rocksim Version: 9)
  • Nike Hercules 4in
    Updated Dec 22,2011, Downloaded 1143 times
    This is clustered/staged scale Nike Hercules approximately 59" tall, with a 4" diameter sustainer body tube. It's mostly based on the scale drawing by Peter Alway. The booster and sustainer all have 29mm motor mounts. (Rocksim Version: 9)
  • PCR (Parallel Cluster Rocket)
    Updated Apr 26,2009, Downloaded 1181 times
    Parallel cluster design for 2006 EMRR contest. Has a 24mm main with two 18mm outboard pods that pop off in flight. Main body is 1.6" diameter. (Rocksim Version: 8)
  • Quest Courier 24mm motor mount
    Updated Apr 26,2009, Downloaded 1056 times
    Quest Courier modified for 24mm motor mount. (Rocksim Version: 8)
  • Semroc Bat-Roc Upscale
    Updated Apr 26,2009, Downloaded 1102 times
    Upscale of the retro-repro Semroc Batroc, to use BT-70 tube. (Rocksim Version: 9)
  • Semroc Magnum Hornet
    Updated Apr 26,2009, Downloaded 1125 times
    My design of Semroc's Magnum Hornet. (Rocksim Version: 9)
  • Semroc Stellar Spartan
    Updated Mar 04,2010, Downloaded 1055 times
    Originally downloaded from the Semroc website. I adjusted a couple dimensions to more accurately reflect the actual model. (Rocksim Version: 9)
  • Semroc Stellar-Spartan 2.4x Upscale
    Updated Feb 25,2010, Downloaded 1007 times
    My upscaled design of the Semroc Spartan, uses BT-70 tube for body. (Rocksim Version: 9)
  • Sparrow aim 7f
    Updated Apr 26,2009, Downloaded 1089 times
    Slightly modified version of TLP Sparrow-AIM missile. 29mm motor mount. (Rocksim Version: 8)
  • Sparrow HV-Arcas 3x24mm/29mm
    Updated May 13,2009, Downloaded 1137 times
    2 stage Sparrow HV-Arcas. Scale data based from Peter Alway's Rockets of the World. Booster is 2.6" diameter with 3x24mm motors. Sustainer is 1.6" diameter with 29mm motor. (Rocksim Version: 8)
  • Sparrow HVArcas 24mm/18mm
    Updated May 13,2009, Downloaded 1073 times
    2 Stage Sparrow HV-Arcas. Data based on Peter Alway's Rockets of the World. Booster is 1.6" diameter with 24mm motor mount. Sustainer is 24mm diameter with 18mm motor mount. (Rocksim Version: 8)
  • Starbright
    Updated Jul 16,2009, Downloaded 1155 times
    Quest BrightHawk/StarHawk kitbash to create one 2-stage rocket. (Rocksim Version: 9)
  • Sunward Eruption
    Updated Jun 30,2009, Downloaded 1122 times
    Sunward Eruption, modified version that was downloaded from ApogeeRockets site. (Rocksim Version: 9)
  • Sunward Grasshopper
    Updated Jun 14,2009, Downloaded 1025 times
    Sunward Grasshopper, downloaded from Apogee site, but corrected motor mount location. (Rocksim Version: 9)
  • Tau Zero
    Updated Apr 29,2009, Downloaded 1082 times
    My Rocksim design of the new Semroc Tau Zero. (Rocksim Version: 9)
  • TLP Nike Hercules
    Updated Jun 26,2009, Downloaded 219 times
    TLP Nike Hercules. 2.6" diameter. (Rocksim Version: 9)
  • TLP Nike Hercules square to round tranistion template
    Updated Apr 27,2011, Downloaded 1452 times
    (Rocksim Version: )
  • Tube Lifter
    Updated Aug 03,2009, Downloaded 1160 times
    1.32" diameter 2-stage tube rocket with clear payload bay. (Rocksim Version: 9)
  • Velvet Ant
    Updated Mar 12,2010, Downloaded 1080 times
    Design This Spaceship 2010 (Rocksim Version: 9)
  • Wac Corporal/Tiny Tim
    Updated Apr 26,2009, Downloaded 1097 times
    2 stage Wac Corporal / Tiny Tim based on specs in ASP-Rocketry kit 24mm - 18mm. (Rocksim Version: 8)

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